Hot Tips for Beginning Food Writers

What NOT to Do

Banned Clichés/Expressions—Stick a Fork in ‘Em!

  • It tastes like heaven
  • It melted in my mouth
  • Delicious
  • Magical
  • Dreamy
  • Amazing/Fantastic/Incredible
  • Decadent dessert
  • Bursting with flavor
  • Cooked to perfection
  • Taste buds ßjust don’t ever mention them
  • Goodness (as in, creamy goodness, salty goodness)
  • Drool ßDid someone drooling ever make you hungry?
  • Yummy
  • And…FOODIE!

Writing Techniques: Don’t do these things!

  • Start off by giving us lots of backstory/history
  • Change tense during your post! You should, ideally, write everything in past tense.
  • Write one long huge paragraph
  • Forget to edit/re-read through
  • Forget to include a photo
  • Use lots of exclamation points!!!!!! (You are limited to one)

What TO Do

  • Start off with a catchy introduction
  • Ground the reader in what’s happening quickly (often in the second paragraph)—less is more
  • Write in the same tense
  • Read your post aloud to catch awkward writing
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • Split writing into shorter paragraphs
  • Put spaces between paragraphs instead of indenting (like newspaper articles)
  • Have one point for each post—if it’s longer than 250 words -ish), consider splitting into different posts.
  • Use your unique voice! Have your friends read it and make sure it sounds like you.
  • Try to use a fresh metaphor at least once
  • Show (by describing), not telling (it was AMAZING!)
  • Write a narrative about what happened—even use some dialog
  • Include a nice photo—you can even take photos from Wikipedia!
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