“Tell me what you eat,” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, “and I will tell you what you are.” In recent years, food writing has seen an explosion of writers, whose contributions range from recipes to blog posts to food essays. Every writer brings their own flavor to the page: some celebrate the sheer pleasure of eating, while others explore the moral issues behind the food we consume and question how these choices shape us as individuals and as a culture.

In this course we’ll explore the history of food writing, read and discuss food writing as a form of literature and art, explore the politics of food, and go on two field trips in the Bay Area to whet our appetites and inspire our writing.

But most importantly, this is a writing course, a chance to master this mouth-watering yet challenging craft. Half our class time will focus on drafting, writing, and critiquing restaurant and food reviews, recipes, and food essays and reflections. You’ll keep a blog during the course to document your adventures, which will serve as a springboard for assignments.

This course is perfect for students wanting to explore a new form of writing and who are interested in getting their food writing out in the world. But it’s also great for someone curious about the world of food and those who live to eat, instead of eat to live. If you’re interesting in making the leap from consumer to connoisseur, come join the feast!