Kitchen Disaster– Ellen Copsey

Posted on January 25, 2014


Kitchen Disasters

It was only a couple of months ago when this disaster took place. The guy I was dating at the time was actually the primary cook in the relationship, and I did not mind this one bit. Instead of going out to eat and spending money, he would instead enjoy making a home cooked meal for us, and again I couldn’t complain. He was an athlete so the main ingredient was always some kind of meat, usually chicken. Before we had started dating I was a “vegetarian” aka I never took the time to cook and prepare meat for myself.

I would on occasion prepare a pre made dinners for us but never felt the need to show off in the kitchen, however, the time did eventually come when I needed to prove my worth. The menu I made consisted of teriyaki chicken breasts, a baguette with goat cheese, and homemade vegetable soup. I slaved away in the kitchen following the recipe exactly as to not make a mistake. I set the oven to bake the chicken and kept it in for the allotted time. I couldn’t wait for him to be blown away by the meal I was so proud of. I set up my little kitchen table in my little apartment, I even went shopping for a table cloth as an attempt to conceal my hideous ikea furniture.

With candle light and music and a hot meal, the feast was ready to be devoured. Cooking your own meal seems to make it taste even better, tastes like hard work, and hard work tasted good. He helped himself to thirds and I even got seconds and we just sat with good conversation and my masterpiece. However, as the evening went on, we both started to feel ill, my stomach felt achy as was his, then not too long after this, both of us had lost my precious meal to undercooked chicken. It was a long night to say the least and from then on I was never allowed in the kitchen again and soon returned to my vegetarian ways.

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