Turks and Caicos–Ryan Boselli

Posted on January 24, 2014


As I walked down the beach towards dinner, the smell of the salty water filled the air. The soft sand beneath my feet made it feel as though I was walking on a cloud. The restaurant is located less than thirty feet from the ocean, and overlooks the waves as the sun falls out of the sky. The outdoor seating area was filled with happy travelers, chatting as if there were no worries in the world. The slanted table with cheap silverware was sinking into the sand by the minute. Yet no one seemed to care, and it actually added to the uniqueness of the meal. Although the waiter spoke with very broken English, he was able to convince my family to try the fresh conch, a local delicacy. Never eating conch before this day, I was very skeptical of what I was about to consume. When the platter first came, the lightly fried conch looked like a ball of strange meat. I was able to overcome my doubt, and to my surprise the slightly chewy inside reminded me of the lobster that I would eat as a kid back on Cape Cod, where I would spend every summer as a boy. Even the slightly cheesy decor and musty scent of the sea began to bring me back to the times my family would gather to share meals together. So although we traveled hundreds of miles away and out of the country for vacation, it felt as though I was actually back at home all along.


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