That One Time in France…- Katie Deutsch

Posted on January 24, 2014


While I was in Nice, France this summer my friend and I came across a corner restaurant that was painted a bright yellow with murals of an old lady doing different activities, such as riding a scooter, a long side the building. The outer appearance was so intriguing that we had to eat there. The restaurant was called Chez Memere and we were seated outside were we got to observe people walking by trying to decide if they should eat there as well. Luckily, our waitress spoke English and instantly had sold us on their homemade sangria and served us a little cup of nicoise olives while we looked at the menu. The menus were made out of old record label covers and the walls inside were decorated with them as well. Everything about this restaurant was unique and different from any other restaurant I had ever eaten at.

I recently had ventured into the realm of seafood while in Italy and surprisingly discovered that I liked calamari and clams. Still feeling adventurous, I ordered the calamari as an appetizer. Soon I had in front of me a huge onion ring looking calamari with a slice lemon and a creamy white dipping sauce to complement the fresh seafood. The golden batter encased each ring. When I bit into the calamari, there was a light crunch to the outside of the puffy batter that I had spritzed with the zesty lemon. Inside of the ring, I was surprised by the stretchy yet delicious white squid. When the delightful appetizer was gone, all I was left with was the lingering scent of lemon on my fingertips.

I had the gnocchi in a fresh tomato and pesto sauce for my main course. The gnocchi had small ridges on one side of its oval dumpling shape and were covered in chunks of tomatoes mixed with basil pesto. Initially the dish gave off a pungent basil aroma until I tasted the pillows of potato dough and was swept away by the freshness of the tomato flavor. While, it looked dense from afar, they melted on my tongue one by one. Even though the first bites were extremely hot, I couldn’t stop inhaling one of my favorite Italian dishes. The meal ended with a light cream puff smothered in a rich chocolate glaze, surrounded by dollops of whip cream for dessert. This random hidden gem along a narrow street of Nice became our favorite restaurant after charming us with its quirkiness.

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