On a Mission in the Mission–Austin Ryan

Posted on January 24, 2014


There have been few experiences in my life that I have indulged myself in the way I did during my food expedition to the Mission District in San Francisco. The district is known for a number of things among the natives and across the world. Historic murals, immigrant population, and most importantly, good food are among the defining characteristics of this unique community. I must say that walking through the alley filled with historic murals about the immigrant population and the background of the neighborhood was very eye opening, but the food was the brightest highlight for me.

I got to experience many great dishes on this adventure, from decadent cupcakes from Mission Minis to Pig and Pie’s savory sausage, but my favorite dish of the day was a very fresh and very enticing pastrami sandwich from Wise Sons Delicatessen.

Pastrami is already one of my favorite meats. This particular dish involuntarily brought back warm memories of my mother and my childhood. While seated at an average looking picnic table outside of the deli, me and my classmates were served a dish that held four perfectly even slices of the pastrami sandwich and four house made pickles. I smothered the thick slices of my pastrami wedge with their spicy house made mustard and let myself indulge. It was like having a taste of home again, but with a warmth and texture a thousand times more savory. The slices of the peppery meat were cooked to perfection and were marinated generously.

This jaw-dropping experience was far too brief as my piece of the sandwich was gone before I could really absorb the depth of the dish, but it was an experience that I would gladly pay money to have again at Wise Sons and the rest of the Mission District. Image

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