Most Memorable Meal- Jessica Turner

Posted on January 24, 2014


While on the island of Corfu in Greece, on the weekend of Halloween, we ended up at a hostel known as The Pink Palace, which was indeed very pink. That Saturday we had a meal before their famous pink toga party. It was more than just great food, it was an experience I will remember for a lifetime.

Being with all of my Roman roommates and close friends in such a foreign setting was one of the main reasons this meal meant a lot to me. We were also dressed in pink togas, which added to the pizazz of the meal.

We started off dinner in the Pink Palladium, which was a giant room with pink walls, tables, chairs, curtains, and anything else you can imagine. We started off the meal with a traditional Greek soup, which was called Chicken Avgolemono. The soup had a lemony taste, but was also very creamy. After the soup, we got a green salad topped with feta cheese, a slice of warm toasty bread, and the main dish of grilled chicken along with season cauliflower and potatoes. I normally cringe at the smell of cauliflower, but the way it was prepared really masked the usual obnoxious smell, so it smelled and tasted delicious. The first bite into the cauliflower, and my mouth was filled with small bursts of olive oil and garlic flavorings. This meal was also the first time eating chicken off of a bone. Seeing meat on a bone usually freaks me out a great deal, but when in Greece, do as the Greeks do, so I dug right in.

After that fabulous meal, we were able to try Ouzo. Ouzo is a drink made and widely consumed in Greece. It was very sweet, sticky, and tasted like liquid black licorice. After the Ouzo, we really had the full Greek experience by getting a plate smashed on each of our heads. When they smashed the plate on my head, it surprisingly didn’t hurt at all. After that everyone yelled out “OPA!”, which is a commonly used word that expresses the feeling of joy in Greek. Corfu was a great time, and that meal was filled with fun, friends, good food, and memories to last for a lifetime.


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