A Slice of Disaster-Jillian Susie

Posted on January 24, 2014


My younger sister, Paige came to stay with me after she much needed a break from home. I had been cooking more often and wanted to show off some of my culinary skills. Even though my simple breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and some bacon, the task seemed foolproof. I even took a short cut by buying frozen hash browns to grill on the skillet.

While warming the skillet in order to reheat the hash brown patties, I worked on pulling the patties apart. These specific hash browns resembled the golden ones from McDonalds, but without all the gunk and grease soak within them. They have a crisp outer potato shell with soft with warm chewy insides. In the packaging, they are laid on their side and stuck to each other from being in the freezer. Who would have thought they stick together like glue? So, I grabbed the sharp silver santoku knife in a frustrated attempt to pull them apart. The hash browns indeed separated with the misuse of my knife, but at the same time sliced deep into my thumb.

Instantly I ran to the sink in panic. I had never cut myself before to this degree. I called for help, but my sister was still obliviously sleeping. Luckily, my hero of a boyfriend walked into the door to swoop me to the hospital. Even with my thumb taped up, I was still able to come back and successfully finish my breakfast venture.



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