2nds: Man I want another!

Posted on January 24, 2014


Seconds: the next helping after the first; the second plate.
This past Friday our class went on an edible excursions tour of the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. Here are three dishes that deserve seconds (in order of eaten).
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
The sight of a beautifully stacked pastrami sandwich accompanied by pickles immediately got me excited. The beautifully pink pastrami was soft, salty, smoky and tender. With a bite of the pickle, the richness of the pastrami became subtle. Another bite of sandwich was up for grabs accompanied with another pickle. Then, came another tart and crisp pickle, ya know just because. A trip back is in the works, I need a pastrami sandwich in it’s entirety to myself.
El Farolito
El Farolito Taqueria.
I had been here before and frankly, with four eateries under our belt and still my desire for Hispanic/Latin food felt neglected. Tender and juicy, the el pastor is not to be overlooked simply for being pork! The warm tortilla cradled everything, the drippings of the salsa and meat mingled together. As each bite was taken, a bit of juice and meat escaped from the sloping taco. Only to be arrested again and hastily stuffed in with another bite. I happily obliged to help take an unwanted taco off the hands of it’s owner. Yay 2 for me!
La Palma
La Palma Mexi-Tessen.
I was stuffed, and having doubled up on the pastrami and el pastor I was beginning to wish I had some space left for one more of what was left to come. The smell of the fresh masa was in the air, and the mention of papusas made me a tinge upset with myself. Breathing in the essence of the huarache, the beans singing together with the onions of the salsa. Crunchy and pillowy, the snap of the cabbage awakened the soft bean filled masa, the salsa’s juice soaking through with each bite. If only I had worn sweatpants…I would’ve doubled up without regret.

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