My Most Memorable Meal — Yasmeen Fortier-Bourne

Posted on January 23, 2014


One of the most memorable meals that I have ever had was the first time I tried Indian Food. I was a Junior in high school, and one day after school my volleyball team and I decided to get a late lunch since we did not have practice. We drove to Solano, a popular street for restaurants and shopping, which was about five minutes away from my high school. I was very familiar with Solano, I had been there countless times and frequented other restaurants that lined the street; Gordo’s and Cactus (two excellent taquerias), Noah’s Bagels, Barney’s Burgers, Zachary’s Pizza etc. But I had never been to this particular restaurant that we had chosen to visit on this particular day, The House of Curries. It is not a very big space, there are only five tables inside and and about five in the outside seating area. We ordered at the counter, helped ourselves to the free chai tea, and seated ourselves. Our food was brought to our table within fifteen minutes by a friendly waiter. Since I had never tried Indian Food before I decided to try some of each of the Chicken Tikka Massala, and Chicken Vindaloo that we had ordered. The Tikka Massala was a deep orange color, extremely creamy and rich, with just the right amount of spices, and the rice was fluffy. The Vindaloo was a mixture of Chicken, Tomatoes and Potatoes cooked in a spicy green sauce, I had never tasted anything like it. The nan that comes with the meal was warm and crispy on the outside and extremely soft. We ripped off triangles of Naan and alternated dipping them in the sauce from each of the dishes. They were slightly buttery and melted in your mouth.

When we had emptied both dishes and the Naan basket and we paid our bill and were on our way. Instead of peppermints at the front they had a small bowl a mixture of peppermint mixed with fennel and sprinkles with a spoon. You spoon a portion into your hand and throw it in your mouth.

We did not stay all that long and there wasn’t anything particularly special bout that day. But it was a day I remember clearly. The first time I ever tried what is now one of my most favorite foods.

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