I Do to Steak And Potatoes–Marissa Chinn

Posted on January 30, 2013


Men know how to eat with no shame. Men don’t complain about how their meal is going straight to their hips, they don’t count calories, they’re not picky eaters, bottom line-they enjoy their food. That is why I like to cook for men. Men are committed to their steak and potatoes like a harmonious marriage. But what happens when you turn a normally simple, manly, dish into a delicacy with dill and truffle oil? That was my Chopped challenge.

However there were some setbacks with the ingredients.

Not only is white truffle oil expensive but it smells like a hybrid of gasoline and nail polish remover. It gives off a smell that worries my brain cells.

Dill is not my favorite herb. Although it is soft like a feather, appears and smells like freshly cut grass, and brings up memories of an evergreen Christmas, it is bitter, bland, and chewy.

The thick, ripe tomato-colored, rib eye contains white streaks of fat like a marbled counter top. It hisses like a threatened snake as it hits the pan. As I flip the meat it shows its crispy brown crust where it touched the pan and fades into a subtler light brown down the edges.

A pale, spring, green, sauce of garlic, dill, milk, and lemon blended together moistens the newly mashed potatoes. A sprinkle of toxic white truffle oil tops off the potatoes. The potatoes give a controlled crunch. This is because I prefer my mashed potatoes lumpy and not the smoothed out version eaten when you get your wisdom teeth pulled; it’s all about texture.

The verdict: Men will eat whatever you put in front of them even if it’s a feminist version of their claim to steak and potatoes.


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