Cupcake Love in the Gourmet Ghetto — Natasha Davis

Posted on January 30, 2013


Pay attention. She’s talking about interesting things you should be listening. But look at the cupcakes just sitting there beneath the glass. Just out of reach. I was trying to lean back and see what all the flavors were inside of the glass case. Standing in front of this case felt like standing in front of the fine jewelry counter in a department store. The sparkling nuggets or cake and frosting were tempting me. All is could concentrate on was getting to buy a pistachio cupcake.

While I was attempting to concentrate on Pat Powell, the owner of Love At First Bite in Berkeley, she was explaining that in her cupcakery everything is made fresh. Pat employs college students and she enjoys making large and small batches of her cupcakes.

When we were given our mini cupcake samples I chose the pumpkin. It was a moist and nutty cake with sweet and tangy frosting. There was a slight spice on the finish. I was satisfied with my mini cupcake, but I needed one or more of those generously sized cupcakes.

I ordered my chocolate pistachio and the coconut cupcakes with coconut cake and toasted coconut, but since I was going to eat a whole myriad of other foods that day I could not try them until the next day. The chocolate and pistachio was by far my favorite. The salty pistachio flavor complimented the sweet and slightly bitter chocolate flavor of the cake.

This cupcakery is small, bright, and playful with a vintage feeling. The hard candies and small toys give this place a unique small town kind of ambiance. I understand why all the Cal Berkley girls make these cupcakes a day-to-day necessity. These cupcakes are special because Pat Powell makes naturally flavor cakes and frostings that make you feel like you can get your sugar fix without feeling as guilty.

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