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Posted on January 30, 2013


I love my coffee black and my chocolate dark. That is not to say I avoid sweet and seek bitter. Coffee without an excess of cream and sugar is not always bitter, however, dark chocolate is and should be. The more bitter, the better.

Everyone has a different chocolate preference. Some shun dark chocolate not hesitating to publically show their disdain. They consider themselves chocolate loves, but are they? I am not attempting to scorn those who prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, but milk chocolate contains only a small fraction of cacao and is more a sugary candy than anything else.

Alegio Chocolate in Berkley’s Gourmet Ghetto offers a cathartic chocolate tasting. Don’t be fooled, you will taste real chocolate, so expect bitter flavors with pungent aromas and unexpected textures.

We started with cacao seeds. The seeds looked like dark brown beans, but had a dark chocolate aroma. As I chewed, the texture reminded me of a coffee bean. It was crunchy, but not hard to chew. The flavor was noticeable, but not strong. If it weren’t for the dark chocolate aroma, I might not have known I was eating chocolate.

The next sample was 80% cacao. The chocolate resembled something more familiar with a typical rectangular shape. The color was a dark brown to black. I could smell the typical dark chocolate aroma that always reminds me of coffee brewing first thing in the morning. The embracing aroma was pungent, but not distasteful. I could taste a hint of nut as it melted in my mouth. The bitter flavors all seemed to gather on the sides of my tongue. There was a crunch to the texture, which was perhaps a remnant of the cacao seed. When we sampled a slightly sweeter chocolate, I found myself dissatisfied and wanting what I had before; I desired the real thing without any artificial enhancement.

Maybe your palate is too sensitive, but I challenge you to try chocolate for what it is and not for what you want it to be. Chocolate is meant to be bitter, but bitter is not always bad. Try coffee black and chocolate dark every once in a while and you might find yourself acquiring a taste for bolder flavors.

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