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Posted on January 30, 2013


IMG_1821My parents compliment each other like French fries and ketchup. They’re both awesome on their own but together they’re at their best. So I picked the best of both worlds for our assignment and interviewed the both of them.

What did I hate eating when I was younger? How did you deal with that?

Mom: “you were texture-picky, you hated smooth textures”

Dad: turning to mom, “I don’t think she hated anything…Well she wouldn’t eat ravioli after she puked her guts out”

Mom: “Jam… but you didn’t really-“

Dad: “we didn’t give you stuff you didn’t like. We wouldn’t force you to eat because you ate enough good stuff.”

Mom: “Semi-picky I would say, you wouldn’t eat vegetables, no salad. But you liked peas, corn, and carrots. I would find you an alternatives when you didn’t want something.”

I wasn’t picky like Kate (my sister who was EXTREMELY picky as a child)?

Mom: “When you were a baby in you were in a childcare co-op and-”

A what?

Mom: “a childcare co-op, it was called the geranium cottage at Mills College, where all parents put hours in. It was so funny because all the parents wanted to feed you because you would eat your food instead of spitting it all up. You ate the brown rice cereal plain, didn’t need sweetener. You didn’t need to be tricked into eating things, you had an interest in eating. Hannah (Ellie’s mom) loved to feed you because Ellie (my bff) was a breathairian. She barely ate much. But you were a happy child, all children who wouldn’t eat were cranky.”

Dad: “you were a happy child. A very happy child”

What did I love eating when I was little?

Mom: “Tillamock sharp cheddar cheese”

Dad: “Grilled cheese.”

Mom: “when you were a baby, you loved pickles. You would suck on them as a baby and make the cutest little sour faces”.

Dad: “Turkey with pesto. Breakfast. French toast and pancakes. You guys loved when I made you pancakes in shapes. You went for chicken enchiladas. Mom’s homemade chicken nuggets.”

Mom: “ You were adventurous, you liked whitefish and bagels”.

Dad: “Didn’t she love yogurt?”

Mom: “Yes lots. Especially Pavel’s plain, full fat”

Did you cook different things before you were married than after?

Dad: “I cooked much better after I met your mother. I used to eat bland foods, lots of canned foods.

Mom: “He loved cheese, Jack cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese. Only mild cheese”

Dad: “White bread, bologna and Velveeta. I was a real winner.”

Mom: “Remember the mushrooms with rice?”

Dad: “Ha! Oh yeah, I made this dish your mother hated”

Mom: “it was disgusting”

Well what was it?

Dad: “chopped up mushrooms cooked in butter and then I added honey and red wine vinegar all over white rice. But I also knew how to make burritos and quesadillas… and… that was about it. But your mother taught me how to make lasagna, she taught me how to cook. I used to eat only things I liked, lots of bread and cheese. And now I eat less carbs and a lot more fruits and vegetables. Now I eat more low-fat things”

Mom: “He used to eat a lot of dairy. Dairy everything.”

Dad “Couldn’t get enough of that Velveeta!”

Mom laughed and rolled her eyes.

How did you start cooking? What made you want to start?

Dad: “I wanted good food so I had to make it myself. I was stay-at-home parent, had to feed you guys something…”

What is your favorite meal to make?

Dad: “Breakfast: omelets with spinach mushroom and goat cheese”


Dad: “Because it good and warm. And with a piece of toast”

What were my table manners like as a kid?

Dad looked at me, raising his eyebrows he paused.“Non-exsistent”

Mom: “Larry!” she turned to me and answered properly “You would sit down, but you liked to eat with fingers when possible”

Dad: “You leaned back in your chair till the chair broke. I used to tell you not to everyday. Then you didn’t do it anymore because you hit your head on the heater”

Mom: “You drank a lot of water”

Dad drank a lot of water, I’m sure I was imitating him. How about you, what did your parents cook?

Dad: “My dad BBQ-ed hamburgers and hot dogs. Maybe made a sandwhich once in a while, we did our own stuff. My mom was bland basic cook, I guess I got used to those foods from her. Very bland. Very basic. Velveeta, Velveeta grilled cheese, Velveeta put on broccoli”

Mom: “Its plastic dear, just plastic”.

Dad: “We all had hot dogs and baked beans every Saturday. My mom used to try to make us eat liver. Liver and lima beans. Blehh! God I hated lima beans! And that’s why you never had to eat lima beans”

What are your favorite food memories of me growing up?

Mom: “You liked to bring your friends home to feed them good food”

Dad: “Ughhh you and your buddies came home and just ate. One time we had a big ol’ flat of strawberries, you and friends ate whole damn thing. God and those sundae creations your mother made you and your friends with whipped cream and sprinkles”

Mom: “I loved Mothers day breakfast. You and Kate would bring me breakfast in bed. You knew how to cook toast and fruit. It was so cute, you guys eventually made French toast and omelets”

Bet they were pretty bad and cold.

Mom: “No, they were good and it was sweet. Oh and you loved going to Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy on Piedmont Ave. where these Ethiopian girls worked, we would only go on Sundays. You would get whitefish on your egg bagel. I loved it because it made you happy.

Do you regret cooking or feeding me anything?

Mom: “Yeah, we’ve thought about this a lot. We were not healthy enough, we fed you and Kate too much fat, carbs and sugar. Wouldn’t careful about following the food pyramid.”

Dad: “Portion control. We let you eat a whole box of ravioli till you puked. God you were a puker”

Haha eww really? I actually totally remember that ravioli, I didn’t eat ravioli for a long time because I ate that WHOLE BOX. Why did you let me? How old was I?

Dad: “I don’t know, you asked for more. You were about 5 years-old. Oh and we gave you one treat a day, that was a mistake”

Mom: “Also your father believed it was a childhood right to have balloon bread

Balloon Bread?

Mom: “fluffy white bread. The issue was that we killed you with comfort food”

Dad: “Once mom got off work she bought more food, ice cream, Costco food, we started the candy stash. I wish we had incorporated more fruits and vegetables”

Is there a special food that reminds you of me?

Mom: “Frozen peas. You would eat frozen peas all the time when you were little. And once you started cooking on your own, onion and swiss chard. You taught me that recipe and now I love it”

Did you cook for me or for yourself?

Dad: “we cooked for you pal”

Mom: “We made meals to accommodate our children and we made a lot of meals. We were pretty much short-order chefs”

How did you think you’d feed me when I was little, and did that change?

Mom and Dad shared a glance and both laughed.

Mom: “We weren’t going to feed you any sugar. Just good food, and we were pretty good when you were a baby. You got organic baby food and brown rice cereal”

What do you hope I’ll cook when I have my own family?

Dad: “Healthy food. Non-fatting.”

Mom: “We hope you do better then we did. Hope you’ll do better than us on not fattening your children”

photo 4 (1)Kate and I in Maui, HI 1997

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