Japan Town Experience- Vina Giang

Posted on January 24, 2013


When I think of Japan town in San Francisco, I think of sushi and restaurants that serve solely just Japanese food. But who would have thought that there would be a South Indian fusion restaurant? Dosa is a restaurant that is located right in Japan town and is one of my favorite foods that I have tried on the field trip because just one bite of there Dosa, blasted a rush of spices into my mouth, followed by a spicy touch that could be felt from my mouth up to my nostrils. On a chilly day, Dosa is the perfect twist of a chili bowl, in which you could sit inside of the restaurant to order this special dish. As I dipped my Dosa, which looked like a crepe wrapped with potatoes in the bowl of soup with the chutney sauce of coconut and another chutney sauce of tomatoes, it automatically took me back to my mom’s Vietnamese curry. My Mom uses real curry, chicken, potatoes and served with a baguette or rice noodles. I like when my mom makes her curry not to watery and just thick enough that I can make that slurping sound when using my spoon.

Another food on the field trip that I enjoyed was the Blueberry Mochi from Benkyodo. Two brothers who make all of their mochi and it may just be like taking a bite into marshmallows that are filled with white beans and with real whole blueberries in every bite. This reminded me of how when I was little, my parents would always take me to the Tenderloin in San Francisco and within the Tenderloin is Little Saigon. In the Vietnamese deli shops, they would serve endless varieties of vietnamese desserts. I remember I would beg my parents to buy me the mochi filled with red beans. Vietnamese mochi are square shaped and is a bit bigger than Japanese mochi. The flour that is coated on the mochi is make it less sticky, but I use to put it all over my lips and pretend I was an old lady. I think that the feeling and taste of Benkyodo’s mochi, just brought me back to being a kid again and I most definitely enjoyed it.

One food on the feild trip that I found interesting was at Yakiniq Café, which is named after a bbq restaurant located on the top floor. At Yakiniq Café they serve Sweet Potato Latte, which is their most well known drink and is said to be one of the only Café’s to serve this drink in the bay area. When I drank this Latte, it was as though I was in my own home, snuggled up in my warm bed, this comfort drink tasted exactly like sweet potatoes and to make it, seemed so easy. Puree sweet potatoes, simple syrup and milk. I can taste small bits of sweet potatoes in my latte and it was something very new to me because when I think of sweet potatoes, I think of pie or the sweet potato itself, as in a form of a food to eat but not to drink. Before my experience in Japan Town I thought I knew a lot about Japanese food and about Japan Town itself since I live in San Francisco, but I guess this goes to show that I can always learn and try something new no matter how familiar it might be.

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