Most Memorable Meal — Ricardo Tiutan

Posted on January 15, 2013


Over the holidays, I experienced my most memorable meal. It was my first time seeing my family in over a year. If anyone knew what Christmas is like in the Philippines, it is about family bonding; and the one thing that brings all families together is a dinner table.

This year my family decided to get away from the overwhelming craze of the festivities in Manila. The six of us, including my two nieces flew to Coron, Palawan. This tropical paradise consist of white sand beaches, clear blue waters and a breath taking view that cannot be captured by a post card or a mere photograph.

For Christmas Eve, a memorable family dinner was appropriate for such a vacation. The resort arranged a beachfront dinner for my family. The dinner table was surrounded by torches, which added the perfect touch to the already amazing ambiance. The smell of freshly grilled seafood mixed with the fresh aroma of the ocean felt so natural. This quickly had me drooling up to the point of my first bite.

The grilled squid was stuffed with peppers, onions and tomatoes while drowsed in soy sauce and vinegar topped with “sili” or chili. The prawns were marinated in lemon garlic butter with shaved cheese on top that melted as they were being grilled. The tilapia was grilled perfectly that that the inside was soft and juicy while the outside was crispy. It was stuffed with salsa that went well with a sort of vinegar sauce. We ate everything with rice on a banana leaf “kamayan” style, which means eating with your hands. Perfectly ripe mangos, watermelon and pineapples were also served. It can’t get any more Filipino than that.

After the dinner, we were all full to our stomachs. The night was young and yet we were all under the spell of food coma and went to sleep only to be awakening the next morning by the smell of breakfast.

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