San Francisco’s Mission District – Steven Fernandez –

Posted on January 27, 2012


As I walked the streets of the Mission District, the first thing I noticed was that the area seemed to be very diverse. I could not help but notice that there was a variety of different cultures represented in this area. It was not simply Hispanic based, which is how I always thought of it. On every corner, you could see different types of restaurants and shops that you would not expect to see. As we began our tour, I was interested in learning more about the culture of the Mission District and what it represents. What I came to learn is that this area has a lot of history and culture behind it.

The first place we visited, La Victoria Bakery and Café, is one of the oldest buildings in the mission and has a lot of history. Walking inside, I immediately felt like I was in an authentic Mexican bakery, with the murals on the walls, the decorations on the ceiling, the bold colors, and the kitchen in the back. As a lover of Mexican bread, I could not wait to try their pan dulce. The Concha, which means “shell”, was so soft and the iced flavoring on top was sweet. The Elote, which is baked in the shape of corn, with its yellow filling inside, had the perfect blend of softness and chewiness. At Humphry Slocombe, an ice cream parlor, their many types of ice cream made it difficult on which one to pick. I decided to taste the Brown Sugar Fennel, which had a perfect blend of brown sugar and ice cream. The ice cream was very creamy and rich; you could really taste the flavor in each spoonful.

Looking at the alley of murals was fascinating because it was interesting to hear the significance behind each mural. One of my favorites was the mural of the Virgin de Guadalupe, as she is a prominent figure in my culture. One of the places I liked visiting was the Mission Minis cupcake shop. Mission Minis bakes a variety of bite-sized cupcakes in unique flavors. I had the Cinnamon Horchata, a Mexican rice milk cake with soft cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon on top. The cupcake was moist and the frosting was creamy. One other place I enjoyed visiting was the Mr. Pollo restaurant because the cooks prepare the food in front of you. I like how you could see how your food is being made and what goes into it. We enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal and I like how they let their cooks try their own recipes. Being in the Mission District was a great experience and the food was delicious as well!

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