Mushrooms, Pineapple & Cinnamon… What?

Posted on January 26, 2012


Three thoughts came to my head when I found out we had a cooking assignment as homework for the weekend. My first thought was, “How am I going to do this assignment when I don’t have a kitchen?” The second, (after I pulled the three ingredients out of the bag) “How am I supposed to come up with a dish that includes pineapple, mushrooms and cinnamon..” And the third thing that came to mind was, “Maybe I’ll go home for the long weekend because we don’t have Monday practice and my mom can help me with the creativity.” I called my mom up right after class and told her about the assignment and sure enough I was heading back home to Santa Cruz after Saturday morning practice.

I kept brainstorming but wasn’t coming up with great ideas. I did find one recipe that did look kind of good. The problem was it only included mushrooms and pineapple… I closed the lid to my computer and went and sat on my moms bed while I watched her pack. A few minutes later we kept thinking of ideas but were unsuccessful. We would think of recipes with two of the ingredients but couldn’t think of something to make with all three of the ingredients.

Me: “How about the peanut stir fry Aunt Jenny made when they came during Thanksgiving?” Mom: “Well that only has one of your ingredients-” Oh right I thought as I looked at her defeated. “Unless you add pineapple to it?”

Me: “Pineapple to that recipe? Yuck!”

Mom: “What? It could be good..?”

I agreed. It was an adventure why not be open minded. We were still missing cinnamon though. My mom came up with this idea. (A little back round info about my mom is that she likes to put cinnamon on her vanilla ice cream… weird right? Trust me, I know. I have tried it though and I admit it’s pretty good) Sure enough that’s what we decided we were going to have for dessert. “You can do that right?! It’s not like all the ingredients needs to be included into one dish..”

“I think that should be fine” I replied. “I am being creative, so that should count for something. I don’t there are certain rules or anything.” I wasn’t really sure how to answer that question. We both seemed to shrug our shoulders and continued talking about other things.

At 6pm that night I began to make dinner. The white rice was about half way done when I began chopping the onion, mushrooms, carrots, ginger root, bell peppers, broccoli and chicken. The pineapple chunks from the can were added in the middle once the vegetables had been cooked for a little. I only added about half a cup because I wasn’t sure how it would taste with everything else. I stirred in the peanut butter, chicken broth and soy sauce. Once the rice was done we each served ourselves.

Dinner was a success, that’s all I really need to say. And sure enough we had the vanilla ice cream with a little bit of cinnamon as our dessert.

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