Further Resources from Sarah Henry

Posted on January 26, 2012


Here’s an email from Sarah Henry, our guest speaker, who went out of her way to kindly share more resources with all of us. Huge thanks, Sarah!

Here goes:

1. Sarah met Lisa R, who runs Edible Excursions (formerly In the Kitchen with Lisa) when she went to interview Lisa for her Berkeleyside column:


After that story came out, Lisa approached Sarah and asked her to join the team, as she was looking for new tour guides. It’s a good fit for Sarah’s beat.

2. Sarah’s covered some of the producers on tour (in profiles), see below:


3. And one of the stores on the gourmet ghetto tour (local butcher) is a good example of a trend story:

4. She covered the Mission Tour as a business story:

But other peeps at KQED have simply profiled different purveyors: like Mission pie, Mr, pollo, and Bike Basket Pies (note: all of which our class didn’t go to)

5. Here’s an example by a colleague of Sarah’s on Edible Excursions’ new Japantown tour, that’s all about the food and photos:



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