An Egg Where The Sun Never Sleeps–Key-aira Jones

Posted on January 24, 2012


It’s a scorching summer day and not a drop of water in sight, “what’s an eight year old girl to do”. Although, it may be much cooler indoors, staying in the house is completely forbidden for young children during summer vacation. Besides, you’ll create more body heat for yourself fighting over the fan than actually staying cool standing in front of it. So another day of exploring the great outdoors accompanied by my cousins it is. Though, once I step outside I realize that it is too hot to jump rope, too much of a hassle to roller blade, and an absolutely a death sentence waiting to happen in any attempts to play tag. So what else comes to mind you ask, cooking?

If you’ve ever watch a great cartoon series there has been a scene where a character is so boiling mad that a raw egg could be fried on top of his head. In my mind, that is just how hot it is outside; hot enough to fry an egg right on the sidewalk. Besides, I’m not allowed to use the stove and plastic kitchens are beneath me at this point in my life. There was no doubt in my mind with the way the sun was beaming the concrete has sure to have risen to temperatures way above a man with a fever.

So I ran in the house and grabbed an egg. Then, I softly tapped the egg of the ground, careful not to just smash it. Regaining my grip on the egg I slowly pulled the two shell-halves apart, as if I was standing over a hot skillet. Splat, the egg splatters all over the ground. You can only imagine the disappointing look on my face when I did not hear that initial sizzling sound an egg makes, when it first comes in contact with a hot skillet. Instead, the egg hits the ground only to run in all sorts of directions before finally heating up. For a brief moment, I’m convinced the egg is actually cooking, but after only a few seconds realize that the temperature on my homemade frying pan has dropped. Lifting the egg up off the ground with a stick I decided to call it an egg where the sun never sleeps. I dare you to try it.

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