Girls Rule, Boys Drool–Linsey Atis

Posted on January 17, 2012


It’s no wonder that in times of need we all turn to our closest friends, a good shoulder to cry on, a lending ear so we can rant about what happened, a sweatshirt (if a Kleenex is not around )to wipe away our snot, a driver so we can indulge in retail therapy and most of all we are in search for something that satisfy us right away…. comfort food.

Most likely, the infamous sweet-tooth finds its way to taste the creamy, smooth texture of frosting on a moist red velvet cupcake topped with sprinkles that when you crunch on the sprinkles and get rid of all of them on the first bite, THAT is when you taste the real goodness.

For some, the cuteness of cupcakes become the ultimate word sayer “awwww thank you, they’re so cute” that make girls forget about their situation and become intrigued by this ball of fluffiness and temporary satisfaction. It’s also as if the portion gods created cupcakes to tell girls that it’s ok to have ONE. But if you eat more than one you should have just stuck with baking a cake.

There’s something about the thought of baking these tiny little creatures and decorating them that provide an essence of thoughtfulness without going all out on a cake. Behold that each cupcake is in turn unique because it is baked separately & decorated individually. However, the ingredients almost always include eggs.

With eggs it provides the structural foundation that will create such a wonderful masterpiece that becomes delicate and sweet in the mouth. As with close friends, no matter how distant in busy schedules you might be, if something is wrong, they are the ones to turn to, as they are the ones to remember the wonderful masterpiece that you truly are. It’s the friends that answer at 4am that you should be GRATEFUL for.

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