Chinatown–Kira Paul

Posted on January 17, 2012



My eyes grew wide as the deep fried vegetable spring rolls were brought to our table. I took one from the plate and dipped it into the sweet and sour sauce before taking a bite. The outside was crunchy but it immediately got softer the more I bit into it. I could taste the vegetables inside and the sauce left a sweet taste but didn’t overpower the spring roll itself.

The food kept coming and coming, dish after dish. (I’m only going to mention my favorites) My next favorite thing was the shrimp Dim-Sum. It was something new, that I have never heard about or tried before. The outside was covered in some sort of rice noodle. It was a clear-white color with hardly any taste. The texture was soft and chewy. The shrimp in the middle added more flavor. It was an interesting combination but really good.

Chow-Fun, similar to chow-mein seemed to be the main dish. It was brought on a big plate. It has thick rice noodles, instead of thin and is a little less flavorful but not by much. The rice noodles didn’t seem to leave an after taste. They seemed to slide down my throat and almost dissolve in my mouth after I took a few bites. The beef was chewy, the bean sprouts were crunchy and the onions added a sweet taste to the chow-fun.

The last thing I am going to talk about is the sesame balls. They were so good! The outside was hard it was a perfect ball but I could feel the slight mountain and valleys from the sesame seeds. As soon as I began to squeeze the ball it began to grumble and deflated from the squishy/gooey inside. It reminded me of a stress ball that deflates when you squeeze and expands when you you let go. The middle part was white and sticky and the inside was a purple color that was sweet. When you first bite down it feels crunchy but the more you chew, the more the flavors mix together. The sesame balls ended up having just the perfect amount of sweetness.

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