Not stuffing my face . . . — Becca Cadloni

Posted on January 9, 2012


Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays, but this hasn’t always been for the obvious reason of food. I have always looked forward to this night with friends, family and a few strangers, as you never know who will be sitting around the table. The food is the part I used to dread. Although I remain to be a fairly picky eater, I have come a long way and now look forward to the food as much as the people on Thanksgiving.

While everyone’s plates would be overflowing and full of color, with seconds and thirds sure to come, my plate was quite the opposite. Turkey, a roll, and stuffing were the only items present on my desolate plate.

Stuffing is one item on the menu that I have always enjoyed for Thanksgiving dinner. I will never forget the year that my mom trusted one of our new guests to make the stuffing because it was supposedly “the best stuffing ever.” Unfortunately, this was a false statement and there was no back up.

I prefer your standard stuffing. As I studied the stuffing being set on the table, I immediately took note of its ingredients. It was filled with cranberries, apples, and walnuts, items I do not like to see in my stuffing. While it may have looked pretty, it was not what I had been looking forward to all day by any means. It was crunchy and sweet, and crunchy and sweet have not been welcome in my Thanksgiving stuffing since.

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