Most Memorable Meal–Sabina Gunnarsson

Posted on January 8, 2012


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When I was a little girl, entering elementary school, I had so many new things to look forward to. But there was also one thing I was scared to death of; the Swedish Christmas sausage.

A traditional dish to eat around Christmas back home is a boiled grey-brownish thick sausage with dark spots coating it. It tastes as bad as it sounds. At least that’s what I’ve convinced myself after my terrible experiences in school. Each day, lunch was served in our classroom where we all sat down around a long table. No one was allowed to start eating until all the pots and bowls had passed everyone so each person would have the chance to taste it all. It was actually more like a must for all students to at least try a little piece from everything that was prepared. Because my teachers were attending as well, no one dared to cheat.

Year after year upon being served from every pot and pan, I sat at the long table looking at the piece of sausage ruining my otherwise delicious plate. One by one my classmates left the table to go out

side and play, and suddenly it was just the teachers and I left. I looked at the plate, which now only had a non-touched sausage on it. As I sat alone with my thoughts the teacher broke the silence by continuously saying, “Sabina, please take a bite. If you don’t try it you will never know if you like it or not.” But that was bogus! For three years I had always been the last person at the Christmas dinner in our classroom, so by now they should have known that I refused to eat this disgusting dish. While sitting at the table I ended up just staring at the smelly sausage, gagging just from looking at it, yet knowing as soon as I had taken a bite, I’d be allowed to leave the table. It was my only way out. Through the window I could see my friends playing outside, giving me the courage to finally bite into the pale skin.

These were the worst minutes of my life I thought, and I would probably think the same if I ended up in the same situation today. I hate that ugly Christmas sausage. Even the smell of it makes

me nauseas today when my dad cooks it for Christmas. Everything else for Christmas is lovely, which makes me wonder if my teachers ruined the taste of this dish for me. Perhaps if I wouldn’t have been forced to eat it as a child, maybe I would have grown to like it today.

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